Friday, 21 September 2012

What’s the Best Airplane Seat?

As I prepare to check in onine with BA this afternoon, to fly from Glasgow to Heathrow tomorrow, it came to my attention, that I needed to choose my seat.
I logged in to their online check in system to find that I was automatically allocated seat 31A. I wonder if I can change it ?

Why would I want to change the seat number ? Being quite tall, I like to have leg room, but for a short flight, I am not prepared to pay a premium, but I do prefer to sit towards the front of the plane, and preferably in the first 10 rows.

Now doing some research, I came across a survey by Skyscanner which recently found that the most popular seat anywhere on any airplane is 6A — and 45 percent of those surveyed prefer to sit in the first six rows of the plane.

Am I that predictable with where I want to sit ?

The one absolutely no one wanted was 31E, a middle seat near the back of most planes. And I was given seat 31A !!

I wonder if I can change my online booking ?? And I wonder if seat 6a is available ? All the other seats in the first 6 rows have been taken except seat 6a and 1d.

Seat 6A is mine !!! Tomorrow I will be sitting in the best seat in the plane, according to Skyscanner's research.

Skyscanner’s Travel Editor, Sam Baldwin comments, “There is always a great rush to get on board and get that favoured seat and I think it is really interesting that there are so many differing opinions on this.

“Anecdotally some passengers seem to opt for the middle section near the wings where they are less likely to feel turbulence while others want to be near the front for ease of getting off the plane, less engine noise or even to get a better choice of food available. The window seems a popular choice for those looking to sleep, especially for long haul flights, while those who take more trips to the toilet prefer to aisle so as not to disturb fellow passengers and the aisle is also popular for tall passengers looking to stretch their legs. Frequent fliers have also reported that the left hand side of the plane is best as the windows are off centre, allowing for wall space to lean on”.

So, is 6a, the best seat, I will report back. what’s your favorite seat? Where do you like to sit on a plane? Leave it in the comments and let me know.

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