Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Travelling with hand luggage - top tips

Hand luggage tips

When travelling with hand luggage will not only save you time, it can also save you money on checking in your luggage at the airport, making your wee holiday even better value.

You need to be up to date with hand luggage size and weight restrictions.

What are the benefits of travelling with hand baggage only?

1. Faster – no need to check in your bag at departure & no need to wait for bags on arrival.
2. Safer – you keep your bag with you at all times, you are the only person who can lose it!
3. Cheaper – you avoid checked in bag charges which can of course all add up.
4. Time saving - get to the bus or taxi queues before your fellow passengers
5. Damage limitation -  hand luggage not going to get damaged by the airline
6. No theft -  no-one can break in and steal items from your bag if you have it with you

My top tips

1. Know the hand luggage restrictions for the airline(s) you are travelling with

This is is also important if you are travelling with 2 different airlines on the same journey

I am flying with Jet2 on the way to Tenerife later this year,

Number of cabin bags allowed: 1 x standard bag
Weight of cabin bag allowed: 10 kg
Standard Bag Measurements:
Length: 56 cm
Breadth: 45 cm
Width: 25 cm
but Thomas Cook on the way back to Glasgow

Number of cabin bags allowed: 1 x standard bag
Weight of cabin bag allowed: 5 kg
Standard Bag Measurements:
Length: 43 cm
Breadth: 28 cm
Width: 23 cm

2. Buy the right bag – once you know your hand luggage size limit, ensure your bag fits within this. I always use a soft bag with a shoulder strap for hand luggage, easier to fit into the overhead compartments and it is lighter in weight too.

3. Only pack what you need – I always pack mini shampoos, conditioners and deodrants or you can always buy locally or airside. Remember the 100ml rule, and to have everything in a clear plastic bag when goign through security at the airport.

4. Which clothes to take – I always wear the heaviest items when travelling that I need such as jackets, jeans, jumpers, boots and belts. Then try and mix and match and co-ordinate the other clothes.

5. Phones / iPods / Computers - well I now have a kindle, so that means I am not wasting space or weight with 4 books. My phone takes any photos that I need, so I am not taking my big bulky camera with me, I am taking one notebook laptop (Dell Inspiron Duo) which is smaller, and not as heavy as my larger Toshiba.

6. Pockets – I also make use of my pockets as many 'budget airlines' are also weighing your hand luggage now. So make full use of your pockets of your jackets to take your heavier items on board. Phone charger, phone, laptop charger, kindle charger, money, etc, etc. You can always transfer everything back to your bag when you are on board !! 

Do you have any hand luggage tips you would like to share to make travelling easier ?


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