Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dietary requirements when eating out abroad

What happens when you have a dietary requirement, and you want to eat out abroad, or even buy food at the local supermarket ?

This is a major issue for me, as I am lactose intolerant, and cannot have anything at all made from cow's milk including butter, cream, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc.

It is not just me who can stressed when eating out abroad, as my friends are always on the alert too, and even look over to double check my food when it arrives at the table - and then give me the nod, or the raised eyebrows (funny but nice of them) 

Anyway, I found this fantastic website which gives you peace of mind in your pocket. They can provide you with a personalised dietary alert card, and mine arrived within a few days of ordering.

This personalised dietary alert card (which is available in 17 different languages) means that you can eat out or shop for food, with confidence, when using this card.

You too, could avoid dietary confusion and help explain your dietary needs with the minimum of fuss.

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