Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Quiet Zones on trains... but now quiet zones on planes ?

Is this what we have all been waiting for ?

Quiet carriages on trains... but now quiet zones on planes ?

We used to have smoking and non smoking zones in planes (but we could all still smell the smoke), and we have had quiet carriages on our trains here in the UK for a while, but 'Quiet Zones' on planes ?

It was reported on the Daily Mail website today that Air Asia is apparently come up with a novel idea of allowing of the first seven rows of economy class in the plane being reserved for guests age 12 and above which is being termed as a quite zone. It won't cost anymore, but should be a little quieter.

But my question is.............. if one child starts screaming when you have just got your child off to sleep, does this mean we could have a chorus of upset children which in turn could cause more noise and a higher volume than a child dotted throughout the cabin where they may be encouraged to sleep ?

I would suggest that built into the cost of your ticket, you / children were issued with a new cuddly, soft travel pillow such as our J-Pillow - then we all might have a really goodnights sleep on long haul flights.

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