Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kit Review: Good luggage ? The suitsuit case is closed !

Review: good luggage, the case is closed - SUITSUIT 20" Wheel Aboard Trolley Case
SUITSUIT 20" Wheel Aboard Trolley Case

Boys One and Two are seasoned travellers, regularly flying on their own from here to Wales to see their dad.

This is a very grown up thing to do and I think (although they don't always agree) that packing and looking after their own stuff is all part of the big boy deal.

It's also important that they have cabin luggage as the whole checking stuff in thing just adds an unnecessary dimension to the whole affair.

So when we were offered a pair of SUITSUIT Wheel Aboard Trolley Cases to review I was delighted. They - because luggage doesn't really do it for them - were remarkably unimpressed.

Until I showed them what the cases look like...

They are undoubtedly cool. Very cool.
Boy Two jumped at the one that looks like a speaker as he is the self-appointed rock star of the household and Boy One was amused by a case that says what it is. My absolute favourite is the washing machine one, but as this wasn't about me I got overruled.

What we liked:

These cases are very, very funky but funkiness hasn't given way to practical and sensible stuff.

They are spacious.

They are secure - with a special kind of lock that security people can open if they want to riffle through your dirty scanties without causing damage.

There are strong mesh sections so you can keep your stuff in order - necessary as I think stuff often rattles round in rigid cases.

There are secure straps and fasteners.

The pull-along mechanism looks robust and the handle is really squidgy and soft.

What we disliked:

Very little except the fact that the boys didn't want a washing machine case.

The combination code needs to be set with a little patience, as there are no how to reset instructions with the cases and Boy One thought he'd forgotten his number within seconds. Luckily he hadn't. I'm sure there are instructions online, but it could be a bit of a hassle.

These gorgeous cases are available from the Luggage and Bag Shop where delivery on them is free and fast.

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