Thursday, 24 January 2013

Our Debate: To Buy 2-Wheel or 4-Wheel Spinner suitcase

We know there are strong opinions out there in the case of 2 wheeled luggage versus 4 wheeled luggage (other wise known as spinner cases).

There comes a point in a traveller's life when such a choice must be made, and it's not always easy to pick a side. 

There is design, colour, comfort, weight, internal volumes, brands, guarantees and overheard storage space to consider and it's a tad overwhelming when you're searching for the perfect constant travel companion. 

As we are in the luggage business, we often have conflicting opinions about which is best.

So we have put together a list of pro's and con's for each one. 

Advantages: 4 wheels

  • Heavier suitcases are easier to push
  • Easier for the elderly when travelling
  • Easier for travelling with families
  • They can be pushed along with relative ease
  • They walk beside you rather than dragged behind you
  • More stable as the weight is spread over 4 wheels rather than 2
Disadvantages: 4 wheels

  • 4 wheels easier to roll away - need to hang on to it all the time
  • Potentially takes up more space in an overhead locker
  • Looks like your taking it for a walk like a dog or pushing your shopping trolley
  • 4 wheels adds (minimal) overall weight
  • If one wheel goes, you are back to 2 wheels anyway
  • Maybe more difficult to take up stairs?
Advantages: 2 wheels

Easier to store in an overhead cabin locker
Lighter in weight
Easier to manouver over a variety of different surfaces ie: cobbles, etc
Your bag will not run away on a slight incline

Disadvantages: 2 wheels

2 wheels can be abit wobbly on uneven surfaces
It needs to be dragged behind you

So help us out fellow travellers; how many wheels do you swear by?



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  4. i think we should buy 4 wheel luggage for international traveling because bearing more than luggage is really boring. in 4 wheel luggage we can keep our all of dress so that we can carry it very easily though it weight much. for for small family member like 2 can buy 2 wheel luggage.


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