Thursday, 10 January 2013

Man Bags: Gone are the traditional keys & wallets in their pockets.

Sporting a 'man bag' may be the latest fashion for men as they moves away from the traditional business briefcase. 
 Picture: Sandstorm Bag
Men are not carrying as much paperwork, or newspapers to their work place, and the trend has been put down to the need to carry an ever-growing number of electronic gadgets – from smartphones to iPads, Kindles and laptops – as well as keys and wallets.

Trendsetters such as footballer David Beckham, rapper Jay-Z, Brad Pitt and Gerald Butler have all been spotted wearing the functional fashion accessory.
 Picture: Gerald Butler, Scottish Actor
The man bag has its various guises — from traditional over the shoulder laptop case, to messenger bag and satchel.

They say that mens messenger bags are now heavier than a womans handbag. This is because for women, gadgets are getting smaller, and men are carrying more.

What do you keep in your man bag and when do you use it ?

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