Saturday, 9 March 2013

What would you take into space in your luggage?

A team led by millionaire and former space tourist Dennis Tito plans to send a "tested couple" to Mars and back in a privately funded mission.

The Inspiration Mars Foundation plans to start its one-and-a-half-year mission in January 2018.

Conditions will be a little tight and the report suggests that 1,360kg of dehydrated food will be enough to last the journey and the manifest includes 28kg of toilet paper for a crew of 2 for 500 days.

Would you take a Silver Antler Case?

Or would you take something a little tongue in cheek?

 Would you take a This is my suitcase?

Or would you take your washing machine with you?

So, if you got the chance to travel into space and you could take a cabin sized case.... what would you take in your luggage?

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