Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bags in the Saga TV advert

Happy New Year to everyone.

I spent some time infront of the TV over the festive period, and during an ad break, I thought there was an advert for our company and showing some of our fabulous bags had been made that I did not know about.

I literally stopped nattering away to the person beside me, my mouth hung open, and my eyes opened wide. 

When was the advert made? 
Why did I not know about it. 

The person beside me thought I had seen a ghost. 

OK - it was momentary - but still that milli-second, was all it took for all those thoughts run through my head. It turns out, I was not the only person who thought this, and a number of people I know saw the advert as well,  and thought the same - maybe not with the shock or perhaps delight that I had.

It turned out that the advert was for Saga Travel titled: With Love from the Suitcase - Saga Holidays TV Ad Jan '13

It turns that the bags are not the same as our Odyssey bags, but they were very very similar.

I do like the advert, and maybe we will call one of our blogs - with love from my travel bag.... 

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