Sunday, 7 October 2012

'The next big thing in travel - goodbye to luggage?

Have you ever seen Joan Collins lugging her Louis Vuittons through Heathrow? I dont think so! 

The A-list jet-set who would never dream of being seen checking in their luggage at the airport with the photographers and journalists having a field day as they rummaged in their handbags for their tickets and passports. 

The A listers are very rarely seen with us normal people and standing at the carousel at the airport waiting for their luggage to appear after a flight. There are too many smart phones about and youtube or facebook is a popular place for people to post their sightings of their favourite actor or band.

Joan Collins said in August 2007 in The Spectator magazine, "Percy and I no longer travel with suitcases at all."

How does she step away from that carousel with all those shoulder pads and wigs that she needs for her TV appearances???

How do they manage to beat the baggage blues and fly away without the carousel chaois?

The answer is that she and many others send their bags separately by courier. The courier picks up their bags at the venue of their choice, and then transports them separately to their next location or hotel.

I have used a courier at Christmas time to transport our Christmas presents from Glasgow to family in London, so that my family up here can travel by train easily and without stress or the worry of someone damaging them or running off with them.

Sending bags separately by courier, might also beat the costs of taking baggage with you if you fly with some of the low cost carriers ie: Ryanair. 

The courier will also give you a larger 'luggage' allowance with most giving you a 30kg allowance, rather than the measily 15kg offered by Ryanair.

Think about it..... I am sure there is a business here. But remember who told you first, my idea fee is only 10% per annum, forever :-)

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