Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mr James Bond......where is your luggage ?

It's a big week for 007 as it marks the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie. 

Since Sean Connery first played the spy in 1962's 'Dr No', five more actors have donned a tux, supped his 'shaken' and 'not stirred' martinis and romanced women. (though in the new film Skyfall to be released in 2012, Bond is seen to be reaching for a Heineken beer)

These actors all had a shot at their licence to kill, but would they have hit or missed in the luggage department?

It is very rare that you see Mr Bond (at least since Sean Connery earlier Bond movies filmed in the caribbean) with luggage, yet he has a different suit and always has several well tailored tuxedos but where does he keep them? 

There was one suitcase which was seen when Bond when he leaves the plane in La Paz, Bolivia. It is a black case seen just for a few seconds before it's packed in the taxi. 


New Tom Ford Black Leather Luggage
Cost new  for $8,350
Black Suede Interior Lining
Measures 27L x 17W x 8.75D

As a luggage expert, I think I could easily recommend a suit carrying case for Mr Bond which has been driven over by Land Rover - and there was not a scratch on it !! Check out this: Suit carrier made with Military spec EVA 

and its own suit packing system

This is perfect for Bond when he escapes from the bad guys by actually taking a boat or a plane to another island or country. 

Bingo, he gets there and voila!.... another complete wardrobe non creased wardrobe !!


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  2. thanks for sharing..


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