Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Luxury backpacking

I wish I had done some backpacking and taken a year out as a student. 

I was brought up in Hong Kong, so we travelled quite a lot in and around Asia, and I think I was happy to go home and learn about the country I was born it. But it is something I always wish I had done, before hitting that career ladder which is so difficult to get off.

If I could do it now, then I would not want to be a ‘student on a budget’ as I prefer to think of myself as a young (cough!) professional with a bit more cash to splash like on great gap year luggage.

I would want to explore the world, immerse myself in culture, meet other travellers, and get to know the locals, but I do not want to stay in dirty, flea ridden hostels or characterless hotels. Ideally ‘backpacking’ but staying in lovely local (and clean) places with a hot shower and a hairdryer. 

So how do you explore like a backpacker but travel in style ?

If you had an unlimited budget, then where would you go?

Share your travel dreams with me.

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