Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Identifying your suitcase on the carousel ?

The colour black. 

Black case, black suitcase, black backpack, black briefcase, black laptop case, and black holdalls.

Black is the most popular colour for suitcases around the world. I even admit to owning a number of pieces of black luggage too. They are fairly timeless pieces, easily cleaned, and reasonably scuff proof - but they are very hard to identify on the carousel or in the hotel lobby. 

How do you make sure that your case stands out from the others? 

And how can it be returned to you with relative ease, if it does go missing in action ?

I place a business card and a piece of paper with my name, email and mobile phone number inside the bag. I also have a copy of my main passport page which make it possible for my ownership to be identified even if the outside tags disappear. The passport page helps me get a passport replacement if my passport is lost or stolen and I am in another country. 

I also recommend:

Luggage Tags: Bright and big luggage tags like those from Bombay Duck.  Look for durable ones that will not rip off in transit.

Suitcase covers: Suitcase covers are a great way of identifying your own case, and they are also great for security too. And help your suitcase not to accidentally open during transit.

Luggage straps. Luggage straps go around the entire suitcase and come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and prints. Different widths are on the market so pick the widest one you can find for maximum exposure. Make sure to put it back on the bag and not leave it where you are staying while travelling.

Stickers. Permanent stickers are great for hard clam shell suitcases and should stay on luggage for a period of time. Make sure the sticker is waterproof and will not come off easily.

Coloured Tape: Use some coloured tape and put on on the outside of the case in a design of your own. The best way to recognise it is to put something that nobody will have so be creative and unique and you will be able to guarantee no one else will have a design like yours.

Better still - don't buy black luggage. People sometimes laugh at my brightly coloured suitcases, but I can spot it a mile away.

Note of caution: do not tie long ribbons or scarves to the luggage handles. These can get caught in the machinery at the airport and cause your suitcase handles to rip off - which may mean your suitcase gets damaged.


  1. These luggage pieces also have great features like rolling wheels, extendable handles, and hard shell casings.

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  2. Your vintage suitcase collection is cool! I've been toying with the idea of getting at least one, but space is always an issue for me.

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