Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Travelling with children & some innovative luggage

Having completed a little poll amongst my friends and colleagues 

Kids + Travel + Luggage = Stress ! ??

Travelling with children is not easy as you need to have toys and games to keep them amused, food incase they get hungry, DVD's, spare batteries for their games, nappies, favourite toy tissues, perhaps some medication, colouring pencils, etc.,.... and that is just the start.

Hand luggage for us adults is hard enough to pack with our own need for kindles, make up, wallet, passport, mobile phone + charger, sweeties, laptops, magazines, newspapers, etc as as well as any clothes that I need.

Imagine my delight when visiting one of the luggage trade shows, and I found the perfect case which has been brought out for children initially - but do not worry, the good news is, that there is an adults version on the way too (just without the cartoons, but I wonder if they will provide us with the word seaches, etc).......

The case is 
cabin sized (fitting most major airlines)
has wheels
a telescopic handle
is very light
and has its own "play centre" which is ........................ educational too !! (read on, read on...... )

Basically this case has a removable play centre section on the front which means you can pack the rest of the cabin sized case to the limit - and shut it till you reach the destination.  

The removable play centre section 'pops' off, and opens to 90 degrees. So it looks like a little desk. Inside the desk you can fill it with your own games, sweets, books, etc - but as part of the package every case is supported by a whole range of quizes, word searches,  colouring sheets, and games which can be downloaded before your trip. 

What a fantastic invention which means kids are happy, mum and dads are happy, 

Happy Kids + Happy Mums and Dad = No Stress (or at least reduced stress anyway)

Alexsee Playaway Case

Eva Dee Playaway Case

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  1. Those are some cool looking travel luggage, thanks for sharing them! I've been searching for some practical luggage since I am going on a trip in a few weeks. As much as I would love to get one of the ones you posted, it's sadly not for adults.


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