Thursday, 15 August 2013

Budget Airlines charging for window seats

Budget airlines seem to be able to take money from us in just about any way possible - including extra legroom, early boarding, not printing your own boarding pass, extra luggage, food and drinks.

So, another way, was going to happen sooner or later, with Budget airlines coming up with yet another money making idea.

This time, it is charging extra for a window seat.

WOW Air - is going to charge extra for window seats on all their Iceland flights. They have identified specific seats on specific rows that give you a great view when coming into land in Iceland that have amazing views including the Blue Lagoon. 

The extra charge will apply to the window seats of rows 1 - 10, and 18 - 29 on the right hand side of Wow Air.

Ok - so it is only £5, but what happens if the pilot has to approach the runway from the other side ? Do you get a refund? Or do the people on the left hand side of the plane have to cough up the money instead ? And what happens if it is foggy on landing, or your flight is delayed and you arrive when it is dark?

Which airports would you pay extra for a window seat to see the views when landing?

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