Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Holiday Packing: Tops tips for packing like a pro

Holiday Packing: Tops tips for packing like a pro

Packing for your holidays should be fun and easy - so why do so many of us just get it so wrong and end up paying for excess luggage for clothes that do not even make it out of your suitcase ?
First of all you want to have a sturdy case that is light, and easy to maneouver - and there is where you choose between no wheels or 2 and 4 wheeled cases.
Or do you to look smart and want a matching set of luggage to travel ?

Top Tip: Make your bag very identifiable compared to other bags with some sticky tape or a fancy luggage label, take a picture of the bag with a digital camera or your phone after it is all packed and ready to go. Then if it gets lost, you just show the picture to the agent. It is much easier than trying to describe your bags and suitcases. 
Top Tip: If you find that your suitcase has been stored away for the past year and you want it to smell refreshed, you cannot go far wrong by scented drawer liners or even some tumble dryer sheets. 

Packing Techniques: 

Don't knock it till you try it - roll you clothes up rather than folding them. They stay smoother and more crease free.

Top Tip: What we can recommend is that you also take some plastic bags - the sealable / lockable ones. They are worth their weight in gold. Pack everything in plastic bags so that your clothes do not suffer from leaking suncream or shampoo. And you will need them for everything: wet clothing, lotions, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. 


We also recommend you take some larger ziplock bags for your camera, mobile, iPhone, and other electronics.......sand can be like fine powder to cameras and iPads

Plan your wardrobe:

Be realistic, why take 20 outfits for evenings, when you are only there for 10 nights.

A different hairstyle, or necklace or belt or bag can transform the same outfit so easily

And are you really going to wear all that make up and change your nail varnish on a daily basis on holiday ? A clear bag for beach products, a clear bag for make up, and a clear bag for wash room products - make your life on holiday as easy as possible.

And useful items like sarongs take up so little space can be used in more than one way (skirt, dress, lying on it by the pool) and they can be washed and dried so easily unlike the traditional T shirts and shorts. 

Top Tip: Look carefully at what you plan to take on holiday and then cut it by half. 

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