Monday, 12 November 2012

Reminder to myself for my next holiday

Reminder to myself for next year: 

If I am going on holiday for 14 days, and the villa has a washing machine, I do NOT NEED to take 28kg of luggage with me. Especially when my allowance was only 21kg. 

This little oversight cost me £70 with Jet2. 

Admittedly some of it was food (as I have a food allergy), but that weight was just ridiculous. And I was wearing my heaviest items with me, and my laptops and power cables were all in my hand luggage - so no excuses there.

I really do not know what came over me, and working in the luggage industry, I ought to know better. I even checked to see if I needed to bring my own beach towel with the villa company incase I did not need to pack one. ( I did )

Admittedly, I was abit rushed when packing, and I had washed and ironed too many clothes, just incase I wanted to take something else with me. I think it was the 'just incase clothing' that finally tipped it over the edge.  

I do not need 7 t-shirts, 4 sundresses, and 5 sirongs for 'daytime around the pool'. In hindsight, I needed a list of of clothes that go together and remember to weigh my case before I leave for the airport.

How do you prepare for packing for your holidays?


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